Blake Garber

Blake Garber

I'm a writer that enjoys a challenge in my work. Whether it is challenging myself, or others, I never like to play it safe when I write. Whether it was in my English/Creative Writing courses at Bradley University, or my own personal writing projects, I want to learn something or try something new.

I have a huge interest in military history, so I love to write historical fiction taking place during conflicts such as World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and so on. I love these time periods because of the attention to detail that is required. Even if no one reading these short stories is enough of an expert to know if all the details are accurate to history, I still will not be happy unless I know I'm doing that time period justice.

I've also enjoyed writing poetry that is about tough subjects such as war or violence, but also about goofier subjects as well. I also started my own blog where I give my honest opinions on a large range of subjects, such as the political climate, the loss of pets, my own anxieties, and so forth. I pride myself on being as honest as I can when writing about myself.

In 2017, I was fortunate enough to get a short story and a poem published in that year's issue of Route 7 Review's online literary journal. These two publications are vastly different in subject matter and tone, and I hope this shows that I'm not a one trick pony as a writer.

My portfolio here contains what I feel is my best work at this point in time, showcasing the diverse material that has formed my own writing style.

Expertise I love writing any kind of material that involves attention to detail. Writing academic papers always came pretty easy to me as doing research and finding information that is useful is something that I enjoy. In short, my best writing comes when there is a challenge in it. There's no fun in writing something if you have all the knowledge. I feel that this is my biggest strength and something that comes through in my work.

Skills I have written a little bit of everything: poems, short stories, flash fiction, a screenplay (work in progress), many academic and research papers, and several posts on my own personal blog.

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